Security guard services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Commercial Security
  • Residential Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Port Security
  • Armed or Unarmed
  • Uniformed or Plain Clothing
  • Pre-employment Screening

Why Choose us for your Security Officer Needs?

This privately-owned agency has offices in Georgia, with Corporate headquarters located in Albany, Georgia. The Company is managed by owners and family officers, offering personal assurance that individual requirements of each client will receive prompt, consistent attention.The major reason for instituting a security program is the difficult nature of our times, with increased crime rates, public tolerance and apathy towards dishonesty and criminal acts creating a climate requiring all types of business and industry to consider security an absolute necessity.

Security programs must now be placed on a plan with other long accepted controls, such as, accounting, supervision, and inventory activities, all supported from the executive level. Parker Security & Investigative Services, Inc. recognizes the fact that a security programs goes much further than simply maintaining a guard force. Your company must have a well-coordinated program that includes a competent guard force to protect profits, property, and lives.